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  • When will 4tec arrive?
    If you have ordered through the kickstarter campaign then the delivery times will be dependant on the volume. But our commitment is to get the game to all our backers by December 15th.
  • What is in the box
    4tec comes entirely sell contained 1) You get 4 legs to hold the shelve 2) You get 4 shelves to hold the counters 3) You get 64 counters. 32 Red. 32 Yellow 4) You get an instruction leaflet on how to set it up and how to get 4 ina row.
  • How do I set 4tec up?
    Please follow the instructions included on how to set it up. Go to videos section on the site there for a brief demonstration also for setting it up and packing it away.
  • What are the rules?
    Rules: 1) Players take turns placing a counter of their own colour in any empty square on any level. 2) The first player to get 4 IN A ROW straight line in any direction, a “4tec”, wins that game. ​ 3) Loser of the last game goes first! Click on the rules link here!
  • How much does it cost?
    4tec costs €29.99. Plus delivery charges to your destination from Ireland
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