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About Us

Like all great things, 4tec has a long history that brought us to here. The physical game has had 3 different iterations though the essence almost the same. The very first one I moulded myself with glass & metal and really only the materials have changed. The game is the game.  The second one was hand made again that we produced and distributed across Ireland. That approach was not sustainable. It proved to us that people liked the game, but we were never going to increase manufacturing cost effectively when so many parts were done by hand.


And so today we have the injection moulded, mass producable one that we have shipping all over the world today. And though, there have been many times, when it seemed like 4tec would not get off the ground, my belief in the game never wained. Like checkers & chess, this game is an instant classic and although new, will feel very familiar. 


I have always believed, that the more you play in life, the better you feel and that whatever you do, you should never stop playing. 4tec is simple to play, takes zero time to learn and has billions of combinations to get to 4 in a row. Whether you are young or old, 4tec is a brilliant game to play. I am so proud to be manufacturing the game here in Ireland and exporting all over the world. 

I hope that 4tec gives you the fun & happiness it has given to thousands of others.

Please send me an email anytime

John Dunne

CEO & Inventor of 4tec.

P.S. Remember, never stop playing.

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