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4tec 3-D Naughts & Crosses


4tec began life with a question. What would it be like to play naughts & crosses in 3 Dimensions. So I mocked up a model with sticks & sellotape. But it became quickly obvious that this game much like the one dimensional version was just too easy to win. So I went up a level.


I took the concept up a level and expanded out the number of squares. Instantly it was obvious that I was on to something. 4tec was born. So I moulded together my first prototype using metal and glass. Friends and family loved the game so I went on to hand make some more. But hand making the game wasn't sustainable. 


I always believed that the day would come when I would sell 4tec worldwide. There are other games not unlike 4tec. Some have been around well before I designed my version.  Finally that day is here. We have a mass manufacturable version of the game. It flat packs, simple to assemble, takes zero time to learn and has billions of combinations to get to 4 in a row.

3-D naughts and crosses
educational family board game
spatial awareness board game

Educational Family Board Game

Board games are a great way to learn, laugh, and have lots of fun while playing together. 4tec is a strategy and educational family board game. It will enable your kids to use their thinking caps to try to get to 4 in a row. This three-dimensional educational board game will challenge kids and adults alike and makes for a great family activity.

Spatial awareness board game

Spatial awareness board games help children grow socially and intellectually. This 4-in-a-row game will help develop perceptual, visual, thinking, and cognitive skills. Moving the counters will teach spatial awareness and pre-planning, this helps to train the higher functions of the brain. Increasing spatial awareness helps children to think ahead and figure out their opponent's next move.   

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